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What Does It Mean to Receive 100% P and T Benefits?

27% of US veterans have a service-connected disability rating. That equates to approximately 4.9 million retired service members. Unfortunately, many of these vets can’t work because of their disabilities.

The VA’s rating system helps out-of-work vets obtain the income they need. VA benefits also cover healthcare costs, living costs for your dependents, and more.

100% P and T benefits cover the largest number of services. What are these VA benefits, and can you qualify for them? We will answer these questions and more in this guide, so keep reading to find out.

What Are 100% P and T Benefits?

100% P and T benefits are also known as permanent and total benefits. Vets with these disabilities have a 100% VA disability rating, a permanent disability someone has for life, or both.

Total disabilities are those that earn you a 100% rating. This rating refers to the degree to which the injury or illness interferes with your ability to live and work. In this case, the disability completely interferes with life and work.

The “permanent” aspect of P and T disabilities refers to prognosis. A medical professional may determine that your injury or illness will significantly impair you for the rest of your life. In other words, the disability will be permanent.

Which Disabilities Qualify for P and T Benefits?

The VA recognizes a few disabilities that automatically qualify someone for 100% P and T benefits. These include the amputation or paralysis of the following body parts:

  • Your hands
  • Your feet
  • One hand and one foot
  • Your sight

Veterans whose injuries or illnesses make them permanently bedridden can also qualify for permanent and total benefits. Additionally, veterans who spend more than 21 days in the hospital for their service-connected illness or injury automatically qualify for P and T benefits for up to six months.

Can Your P and T Rating Change?

No, 100% P and T ratings can’t change. They are part of a protected class of veterans benefits. However, this status means it is incredibly difficult to qualify for P and T benefits.

Here’s an example. Say you are a younger veteran who receives a disability doctors believe will affect you for the rest of your life. The VA office may take your age into account when deciding if your disability is permanent.

Additionally, the VA does not offer P and T benefits for certain mental illnesses and physical conditions, including cancer. This happens when a doctor expects the condition to get better with treatment, meaning it is not permanent.

What Disability Benefits Are Available Under P and T?

Veterans with P and T disabilities are eligible for all the benefits the VA offers, plus a few more. Below, we will discuss the general and specific compensation you can get with this rating.

Disability Pay

100% P and T disabilities qualify for the highest amount of monthly compensation available.

You can expect to receive a monthly payment of $3,621.95 to $4,148.03 without dependents. That equates to up to $49,776 worth of compensation per year.

The monthly compensation increases to $3,757-$4,295.92 if you have dependents, plus $100.34 to $324.12 per child. The exact amount your receive per child depends on whether they are enrolled in a qualifying school program.

On the high end, 100% P and T veterans with children could receive up to $55,440.48 per year. And that figure is only with one dependent. Having more children will qualify you for a higher payment.

Healthcare Benefits

P and T veterans are eligible for the maximum amount of healthcare benefits. The VA assigns these individuals to Health Care Priority Group 1, which covers dental care, vision care (including hearing aids), dependent health care, and more.

100% P and T veterans also qualify for no-cost prescription medications and healthcare services through programs like CHAMPVA.

Another valuable benefit P and T disabilities can earn you is a healthcare travel allowance. Your benefits cover the cost of getting to and from appointments, whether in your own car, by ambulance, or via public transportation.

Employment Benefits

The VA offers three types of employment benefits. These include:

  • Total Disability Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits
  • 10-point preference in federal hiring
  • Direct-Hire Authority (DHA)

TDIU is a benefit available to veterans with disabilities that totally limit their ability to work. 100% P and T benefits qualify for TDIU, though disabilities do not technically have to be permanent to qualify.

If a totally and permanently disabled veteran does choose to seek work, they get a 10-point leg up on competitive Federal jobs. DHA is similar, but it gives preference to veterans when filling vacancies during shortages.

Dependent Benefits

Dependents of P and T veterans get many of the same benefits as their disabled parent(s). That includes no-cost comprehensive health care coverage and 35 months of no-cost education.

The survivor’s pension (AKA death pension) is also available. P and T veterans get the maximum benefits from this program when they pass.

Education Benefits

One of the most exciting benefits available for veterans is student loan forgiveness. A recent executive order mandated that disabled veterans with 100% P and T ratings or 100% TDIU status can qualify for full forgiveness.

Other educational programs available include employment and training classes, financial counseling, and special restorative training for dependents.

Other Benefits

We have barely scratched the surface of all the benefits available. Here are a few more to inquire about at your local VA:

  • Property tax exemptions
  • Funeral fees
  • Home loan fee waivers
  • MWR
  • Life insurance
  • Free tax filing and preparation services
  • Housing grants
  • Car allowances
  • Clothing allowances
  • Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection

Some lesser-known benefits also include a free pass to US National Parks, and a Shades of Green Resort pass to visit Walt Disney World.

Get Help With the VA Claims Process

100% P and T benefits are available to severely disabled veterans. Permanent and total disabilities qualify individuals for various benefits, including disability pay, healthcare coverage, and much more.

Do you need help determining if your disability qualifies you for 100% P and T benefits? Veterans Educating Veterans is here to help. Use our disability calculator to get started.

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