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Hey Veterans! My name is Robert Pinero, I am the founder of Veterans Educating Veterans. As a Marine Combat Veteran, who did 2 tours in efforts of the OIF mission. I know how hard it can be to get service connected. I am here to serve the veteran community by educating, and consulting the in’s and out’s of the VA Compensation maze. Together, we can educate more and more veterans. “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” Key word is “teach” or educate and here at Veterans Educating Veterans we will do just that.

I would like to introduce my family from left to right. My wife, my rock, my business partner and my CEO Jillian my daughter right below her, our dog Bella, and hugging her my daughter Savannah. I wanted to put a picture of my family because they are the true hero’s that put up with our disabilities. Experiencing our ups, downs, and everything we go through after we have left the military. I will always do my best to get you what you deserve. You deserve this compensation, not only for yourself but your family is also affected by your disabilities.

Coaching Team
Robert Pinero

Head Coach/ CEO & Founder



Robert Pinero is from North Bergen, NJ he joined the Marine straight out of high 0school in October of 2002 at Parris Island, South Carolina. While he was in, he did 2 combat deployments to Kuwait & Iraq the first deployment and his 2nd deployment to Fallujah, Iraq in 2004-2005. While Robert was in the service, he would go to Flight School at Carlsbad Airport to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. In July of 2005 Robert received his Private Pilot Certificate. After the military, Robert was a Facility Manager In Manhattan for a Non-Profit Sector for a Domestic Violence Shelter. He also ventured into owning a Franchise. During this time Robert was fighting the VA having severe back pain, to the point there were days he couldn’t leave the house. After going to the VA Robert became frustrated, and passionate about not getting what he deserved. So he began to seek help from VA lawyers, and after 15 Lawyers would not take his case, Robert continued to do his own research, take online courses given by other consultants, and lawyers and along the way made a friend with a VA rater. After receiving his rating of 100%, he helped his brother, and got to a permanent and total status as well. Robert’s friends asked him to help them with their claims, and at this time, Robert was not happy at his current employment so he decided to start Veterans Educating Veterans. Robert said “this company started because they messed with a pissed off Veteran that does not give up and if they put a wall in my way I’m gonna knock it down”. Robert is passionate about what he does and enjoys beating the VA everyday.

James Lefever

Senior Coach



James LeFever is from a small town in upstate NY, He joined the Marines straight out of high school in November of 2003. While he was in, he did 2 combat deployments to Fallujah, Iraq as his main FOB in 2004 and 2006. James also ventured to many surrounding bases during both of his deployments. After the Military, James used his GI bill to attend a local community college and obtained his Associates degree. It’s also where he met his now wife, Natasha. They currently live in upstate New York with their 3 daughters, dog, and cat. During his time in the military, he suffered physical and mental scars that currently rate him at 100% P&T thanks to help and guidance of VEV. James was so grateful for their help; he reached out to Robert afterwards. James is now one of the senior Coaches (Claim Consultant) for VEV helping his fellow veterans with their claims.

Mark Brunick (USMC Ret.)


OIF I, OIF II, OEF 1-1, OEF 1-2


Mark Brunick is a Marine Veteran that joined out of Fort Collins, Colorado. He served over 20 years in the Marines and in that time completed 5 combat deployments. After his military service, Mark wanted to continue to help service members and help fellow veterans, so he pursued a career path to do just that. After retirement from the Marines, Mark was selected to be a VA benefits Advisor and advise seperating service members on all VA benefits that they may be entitled to after their service. Mark completed this training for service members and spouses aboard Marine Corps Base

Camp Pendleton at the Transition Readiness Seminar (TRS). After his time teaching, Mark was then selected to work for the Department of Veterans Affairs office located at the Regional Office in Houston, TX. During his time with the VA, he was employed as a Rating Veterans Service Representitive (RVSR) also known as a Rater”Disabilities, and prepares rating decitions on claims submitted by veterans.  After realizing he wasn’t able to help the actual veteran and just was there to make a decision on disability claim he looked for a better opportunity where he could work with veterans on a 1 on 1 basis. After researching different avenues, Mark decided to jump on board with VEV, where he can use and apply the knowldege he learned while working with the VA and educate them on the claim process and do his part to help the veteran receive the compensation they deserve! Mark is married to his wife Angela for over 20 years and has 2 children a daughter and a son.  He enjoys going to his sons football games, and spending quality time with his daughter. Mark also likes to spend time with his tripod Golden Retriever named Tuhdee.

Jillian Pinero

Coaching Assistant/ Intake Supervisor


Jillian Pinero is from Secaucus NJ, a small town right on the outskirts of New York City. Jillian graduated from Secaucus High School and always had a passion for childcare. Her family is a long line of Veterans. Her grandfather was in the Army, her dad Was in the Navy, her one uncle was in the Navy, and another uncle in the Army as well. Jillian followed the footsteps of her Grandmother, Mother, and Aunts, and married a Marine. Jillian and her husband, Robert still live in NJ with their 2 daughters, Sienna and Savannah, and dog, Bella. Jillian helped her husband build this company from the ground up and loves giving back to Veterans.  Jillian is the Intake Supervisor and Coaching Assistant to the head coach here at Veteran’s Educating Veterans and loves every minute of it.

Intake Team
Nicole Conotillo

Intake Specialist


Nicole Connotillo is originally from a small town in Secaucus NJ. Nicole moved to Minnesota in 2021 with her fiance, Gabriel, and 2 children, Carla and Elliott. Nicole has over 15 years in the hospitality industry, even with a passion for hospitality, Nicole decided she wanted to start giving back to Veterans. With family members and many friends who served in the military, Nicole was intrigued by the life changing services Veterans Educating Veterans offers to our military personnel and wanted to be a part of the VEV family. Nicole is now an Intake Specialist with VEV and plans to stay and grow with the company and continue to help Veterans nationwide.

Michelle Ambrosio

Intake Specialist


Intake Specialist


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