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4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your VA Claims Process

Approximately 20% of American veterans from the last 20 years struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). With that statistic in mind, it’s vital that soldiers and other veterans receive the services they need when they come home.

When veterans go through a VA claims process, they hope to receive compensation for PTSD and other injuries or diseases. These claims go through a long and arduous process, including claims reps and VA contacts.

Perhaps you’ve filed a VA claim and you’re hoping to get a payout. Or you’re a veteran filing a VA claim and you want to be sure you do everything right.

Either way, you’ll want to avoid the most common mistakes veterans make when filing VA claims so you can get through the process with ease. Keep reading to find out more.

1. Staying “In the Dark” About Supporting Documentation

There are lots of supporting documents that will help prop up and even reinforce your VA disability claim. But a lot of folks ignore these documents to the detriment of their claim.

One supporting document to absolutely include in your VA disability claim is a medical opinion stating the link between your service and the disability you suffer. You can’t rely solely upon your statements linking the two and expect the VA disability claim to go through without a glitch. 

Additionally, the more testimonies you can garner from your friends, family members, and colleagues, the higher the possibility that your VA disability claim will be approved.

Yes, it will take additional time and energy to gather all these supporting documents, but you will be grateful you put in this extra effort when your claim gets approved without a hitch.

2. Submitting an Incomplete or Confusing VA Disability Claim

Don’t think that exaggerating or overstating the impact of the disability will help your VA disability claim. Lots of veterans think that they should do this so that the claims officer will believe that their plight is truly dire and their claim should be approved. 

On the other hand, some other veterans sabotage themselves by not providing all the information that is clearly asked for in the VA disability claim document. If you aren’t great at filling out documents or providing documentation, then get someone in your family to help you with the process.

You should also hire an experts or someone with experience once your claim has been denied because they can help you better than if you did it on your own. But it’s better if you do a good job of filling out all the claim documents properly the first time around. That way, you don’t need to hire an expert or anyone else to help with your denied claim.

3. Not Knowing Your Rights Through the Claims Process

Do you know how the Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) decides to give out benefits or not? It’s not just about filling out documents, sending them in, and then waiting for the positive result to roll in. If only it were that easy, there would be no need to worry about denied claims.

Here is what you need to prove to the DVA to get your claim approved:

  1. You are eligible to receive Veteran Affairs benefits
  2. You have a current disability
  3. Your current disability is linked to your service (that is, it happened to you during your service)
  4. You have medical evidence proving the above point
  5. You have medical evidence informing DVA of the severity of your condition

As you can see, these five points aren’t easy to fulfill, and that’s why so many veteran disability claims are never approved.

Understanding the process from start to finish, what documents you need to provide, and what your rights are through the claims process is crucial. It will ensure that your claim is more likely to be approved.

If you aren’t sure of your rights, then contact a coaching service like Veterans Education Veterans so they can help you get the benefits you deserve.

4. Ignoring Help From VA Claim Experts

If your claim has been denied, then don’t assume that’s the end of the road for you. It’s actually just the beginning.

There are many VA claims experts out there who have seen hundreds of failed or denied VA disability claims and then fought for the rights of veterans to ensure they get the benefits they need for themselves and their loved ones. 

Don’t try to go at it on your own. If you aren’t sure of the process or you feel like you are a little out of your depth when it comes to the VA disability claims process, get someone on your side right away.

It could be a coaching service like Veterans Education Veterans or it could be a lawyer who’s experienced with denied VA claims.

Don’t ever give up! Bring your grit and determination to this situation as well. 

The appeals process is meant to be long, cumbersome, and disheartening. That’s the way it’s set up so that it can discourage people from pushing it too far. 

You have the right to receive disability benefits, so you need to keep at it for as long as it’s necessary. Success will come to you if you keep fighting for your benefit. 

Ready to Take on the VA Claims Process?

The VA claims process isn’t the most helpful or easiest process out there. It’s made to deter people from the path.

That’s why we’ve created Veterans Education Veterans, so we can help you on this tough path and get you the benefits you deserve. Don’t hesitate to contact us so we can get started right away. The faster you get your benefits, the sooner you can get the monetary and other help you need.

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