10 Veterans Benefits You May Not Know About

Every veteran is aware of the basic healthcare and education benefits available for them through the Department Of Veterans Affairs. For many, these benefits alone are enough but various other programs help provide even more benefits to veterans as well as their families. In the healthcare and education programs, there are more unknown benefits that further improve the lives of veterans and help ease the financial burden brought by medical care and other expenses. So read on and learn about the 10 veterans benefits you didn’t know about:

Long-term care is costly but essential to support aging family members. The Aid and Attendance program understands this and helps qualified veterans with these types of expenses. For example, this program offers monetary compensation that will pay for long-term care options like assisted living facilities or nursing homes. Couples can receive up to $25,020 a year and surviving spouses of a veteran are also qualified to receive an estimated $13,560 a year to cover their long-term care costs.

Caregiver support is available for those taking care of an ailing veteran at home through the Caregiver Support program from the Department Of Veterans Affairs. Rather than provide financial support to caregivers, the program offers a complimentary support line coupled with a caregiver support coordinator who is knowledgeable about the numerous military benefits. He will guide you through those benefits that best suit your needs.

Free tax preparations are a must because military tax problems can be confusing. Thankfully, for this purpose, the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offices offer free tax preparations to veterans and their families. Their offices are located on military bases.

Certification programs are also available to veterans. The GI Bill, along with earning credits towards a college degree also provides up to $2,000 for certification courses or vocational training programs. This is convenient for veterans that wish to follow a different path or consider a position that does not demand a college education. These programs also offer “coding boot camps” or similar software and information science programs. The credits from the GI Bill that go untouched can be transferred to the veteran’s spouse and dependents. Keep in mind that service limits are applied to the transfer of benefits. Many veterans face obstacles in obtaining a standard life insurance policy, especially if they suffered an injury while serving. In this regard, the Service Member’s and Veterans’ Group Life Insurance program offers veterans up to $400,00 in life insurance while maintaining competitive premium rates. When a veteran passes away, the family has access to some benefits. For instance, you can choose to have a U.S flag draped over the casket at the funeral. You can also ask for a Presidential Memorial Certificate to honor his or her service. Headstones and grave markers are also provided by the Department Of Veterans Affairs free of cost. If a veteran is struggling to make their mortgage payment on time, they can receive payment assistance through the Department Of Veterans Affairs if qualified. This includes loan modification, loan forbearance, and special repayment plans. Homeless veterans and veterans with VA loans can also benefit. The VA tracks and updates a list of properties serviced by VA loans that have foreclosed. Veterans can go through this list of homes and purchase them at a lower price.

American Corporate Partners helps veterans find a job by connecting them to leading companies after completion of their service. Additionally, veterans can choose to receive individual mentoring and other occupational advancement services.

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